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Inktober 2018

If you do not follow my  instagram, you would be un aware that I am participating in #INKTOBER2018.

Inktober is a seasonal drawing  challange that is widely participated world wide. The goal is to follow daily "october themed" prompts to produce some artwork, and of course ink it. The challenge is always 31 days..

I joined the challenge last year but I only made it four days before I forgot/messed up the daily motive(sad, I know)...

​My goal for this year is to not only break my poor record, but also I hope to witness my current style evolve and I hope to gain decipline through the daily prompts.

I did not follow just one prompt this year. There is a page on instagram: @inktoberprompts, daily I look around and find a topic that I would like to base my drawing off of. When finished, I post my prompt drawings on my Instagram story, which then get moved to my highlights on my profile. Now I am posting here as well.

Enjoy! :)


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