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Inktober 2019

This year was so fun to participate in. I beat my personal goal of 21 days (where I stopped last year), and on day 12 I started a short story that went along with the prompts. :)

-Day 1: no comment =]

-Day2: yes, I named my car after my favorite cartoon BFF.

-Day3: I meant to spell Bait*

-Day4: no comment =]

-Day5: Wish I was there.

-Day6: no comment =]

-Day7: "1/2"

enchanted /inˈCHantid/

  1. placed under a spell; bewitched. "an enchanted garden" 2.filled with delight; charmed. "the orchestra played classical favorites to an enchanted audience"

-Day8: Starfish Attack. LOL Why did i draw this?

-Day9: Anime style. Yikes >_<

-Day10: from when i was 6 to like 14 i would carry around this tiny polar bear everywhere i went. this is for you little foot. also #icecaps

-Day11: There to protect the good/the one everyone hates to love

-Day12: ive decided i will be telling a story for the remainder of inktober bc lol why not 🤷‍♀️. i barely did scary today lol i was celebrating my dads birthday w the fam & its a full moon! 🕺💃!! lol anyways: Once upon a time there lived a kind witch who looked after the most dangerous dragon...

-Day13: After every meal the dragon devoured, the witch will examine the un edible in search of a trinket to her incomplete spell

-Day14: The witch needed the spell to better manage her dragon. with the trinket in hand and a wand in another, she chants...“Through this art i hold the heart that controls the size of spicy. At free will she can fill any space beyond thee.”

-Day15: Legend says, the witch’s dragon smashed every building within 100 miles before she was able to calm the beast down. The worst punishment the mayor could think of was to send them far away from humanity, somewhere unbearable. He ordered that she would have to clean up a mess equal to the one she created back home in order to return

-Day16: Around dusk the witch went exploring the seemingly vacant island. One moment she was closely examining a tree husk, but in a split second she was made unconscious (by an unknown suspect) and dragged into the brush. When she gained consciousness she realized she was waist deep in what seemed to be quicksand mixed with filth. In actuality she was under a spell...But who cast it, and why? ⏳

-Day17: The witch struggled with her fate, unfortunately that only made her sink faster. When she felt the bottom surface she was sure this was the end. On her last breath she heard muffled voices as if they were speaking through a wall. The voices said softly, “unleash your power grow roots like a flower only then will this hell turn spelled /as your eyes reek you’ll be able to re-see this beautiful island called p.”

-Day18: The words rang in her ears for what felt like an entire day. When she finally gasped for air and opened her eyes, she was greeted by the mirror.

-Day19: story pause :P

-Day20: ...Out the side of her eye she saw enormous insects. She looked left and saw tall grasslands filled with animals she had not recognized. When she looked behind her and saw she was aquatinted by a huge beautiful moon, almost exactly like the one ahead of her. On the horizon she noticed that it was constantly in motion like the waves of an ocean. The ground was unfamiliar so she began to wiggle her toes. When she did so she began to sink a little. The energy she felt was so new that tears began to pour. The ghost left while she was taking everything in. After she noticed he had left, very quietly she whispered. “thank you for the mirror."

-Day21: A few days passed where she was just wandering around and taking in the environment. Surrounded by some debris, she found an outlet. An outlet full to the brim of all her favorite childhood things. Things she had to release, maybe to re find in this moment. They were her kid friends, beings she missed smiling with. “oh! how i missed you” she thought as she reached through to pull out an old friend... The chick 🐣 did not notice that this island was more of an amazing blessing than a horrible life sentence.

-Day22: story pause again... after i got home from work i had another one of those moments where i couldn’t get out my head(like negative thoughts even though ive been better at lifting my own spirits) i didn’t sleep for 3 days. and i was back to feeling like i shouldn’t sleep because i’ll sleep too long. basically i slept the whole day. but i actually needed that. bottom line is i think i went through another transition.

-Day23: still story pause :P

-Day24: Pulling little foot through the void must have had an effect on him. On the plus side he finally grew. :) #icecaps 🐾

-Day25: story pause again. when i was seriously LoW like crying all day long at the end of the day i would always watch Star Butterfly. at first because it was recommended/ i remember i watched a few of the early ep.s but then i started to get hooked and was rooting for this dope ass chick! i literally have pages of notes in my phone about this show... basically it rocked my world & i could definitely go on & on about it but yeah. happy to end the challenge on this note 💚.


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