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Sculptember 2019

In September I participated in Sculptember. It is a very similar challenge to Inktober, but instead of an inking medium, the medium you have to use must be sculptable. I chose to use ZBrush, and followed the prompts daily. I started on the third of September (the day I found out about the challenge) and I ended after 18 days. It was extremely demanding trying to force myself to sculpt every day. Eventually I made a pattern to follow every night around 9 pm until 12 am. To make the challenge more enjoyable, I made sure to make all of the sculpts from one of my own drawings, or in relationship to the digital world that I have been building. Though I did not last very long, I was able to regain my love for creating in ZBrush, and I had a lot of fun sauce. Here are the model screenshots and the prompt that I followed:


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