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Traditional Paintings (2016-2020)

Click here for a portfolio of all my Traditional Paintings.

Enjoy :))

Commission for Cannon

Watercolor, Watercolor paper (Bennett. 2021)

Commission for Cannon

Watercolor, Watercolor paper (Bennett. 2021)

PART FOUR-KiteSeries (Raw Image)

So this is my last painting assignment ever from high school. We were assigned to re create a famous painting. I chose Ceiling Oculus (Camera Degil Sposi) by Andrea Mantegna. My twist was based on cartoons, the seasons, music, & dope a$$ women. The last finishing touches were added this November. If I could pick one song to provide accurate vibes it would be Did It On Em by Nicki Minaj (it goes perfectly with the original Ceiling Oculus painting meaning)

Acrylic, Canvas (2015-2020)

PART ONE-KiteSeries

Orbicularis by Killstation for the vibes 🎶

Watercolor (2020)

Commission for Cannon

Acrylic, Canvas (Bennett. 2020)

Commission for Rich from RichNextWeeknd

Acrylic, Canvas (Bennett. 2020)

Figure study part3 of Maria Tallchief

Watercolor, paper (Bennett. 2020)

Figure study part2 of Sarah Lamb as Alice and Federico Bonelli as Jack/Knave of Hearts in The Royal Ballet's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Watercolor, paper (Bennett. 2020)

Figure study part1of Marcia Jaqueline

Watercolor, paper (Bennett. 2020)


I made this in response of a lot of the music that has come out since the start of 2020. There has been a lot of talk on death, heartbreak, rebirth, climate change, trinity, mental health. It inspired this piece because right now, this is the music I feel most connected to. In my opinion, as a collective, everyone is going through similar things and battling similar demons. (Also strange that now, we are also battling Covid19 together) I appreciate this music a lot too, because I think it has been illustrating closure, or presenting a new chapter. I decided to illustrate X as being blind to a mask. The mask represents music in general as a whole being or spirit. There is a few songs that recently came out regarding death and I sometimes find myself heartbroken over it. To the point where I pretend it is not a real thing, and choose not to listen. I think the purpose of the songs are teaching me to find a form of closure... The mask is super aggressive but i believe it has good intentions.. As a whole piece this picture incorporates a lot of the world that I have been escaping to, but an uncharted area. It looks to me as if X is returning to a mindset she once believed, but prepared herself by equipping the blindfold this time around. Since this picture is bitter sweet, I added candles on the top as if it was a birthday cake encouraging the viewer to make a wish. In a way this painting is celebrating X's return, but also a loss because she chose to do it blindly.

-the full 9 panels can be found on my instagram-

Acrylic, mixed media ,paper (Bennett. 2020)

For the Love of Humanity

Watercolor,paper (Bennett. 2020)

Door Hands/ Les Mains de la Porte

...It is no secret that dreams are my focal point to almost everything I do. I started this drawing last year after a series of bad dreams that resulted in me depriving myself of sleep for about a week. (I was in school full time and already barely slept) When I can't sleep I become bored and do weird stuff, in this case, draw my shadows and doodle (basically the bottom-middle of painting-a form of hypnogogic art) ..I also grew concerned, so I began research on dreams. A book that stood out from my research was “Dreams, Myths, and Fairy Tales in Japan.” The whole book pretty much inspired the top part of this painting. One specific story was about this king who got banished from his kingdom and lived in the woods his whole life to prove his innocence and devotion...(random I know, but that is a small part illustrated on the top of the painting) For about the last three years I was “afraid” of color. So strange coming from me, but I spent the majority of my time as an “artist” in black and white. If I ever had to color, I would go through this long process of elimination-it was before I understood that I had anxiety from not doing what I was taught. (I have been an art student since a kid) Anyways, about 2 months later after the sketch as done. On a whim, I went to this intimate art show and came in contact with SOOO many amazing and talented (and seasoned) artists. Specifically, I talked with the painter, Don Moon. I do not remember what he said now but I know it was about the use of color. He explained to me the meaning behind his abstract piece we were looking at. Don told me how the placement of color said this, and the brush stroke said that. It was a breathtaking image, with a muted yellow color scheme, that happened to be about war. I am not sure about which specifics from that conversation led me to come straight home, but I did and broke a pattern. That night I start painting freely. I had this drawing done for a while now but had not touched it since I finished the sketch. I cherish this painting mostly because of all the lessons, stories, and symbols buried beneath. I topped off my image with the double vision colors to symbolize the different aspects that can be revealed with another perspective. -Watercolor on paper

Watercolor,paper (Bennett, 2018-2019)

Ghost Storm Watercolor,paper (Bennett. 2019)

Too Close

Watercolor,cutout, paper (Bennett. 2019)


Watercolor,cutout, paper (Bennett. 2019)

6th Gift

Watercolor, cutout,paper (Bennett. 2019)

New Feeling

Watercolor,paper (Bennett. 2017)

Look Both Ways Before You Cross My Mind

Watercolor, cutout, paper (Bennett. 2017)

Hello Ego

Watercolor, cutout, paper (Bennett. 2017)


Watercolor, cutout, paper (Bennett. 2016)


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